T h i s i s o u r s t o r y . . .

En Orígenes buscamos la excelencia en cada grano de café. 

This project was born from the enthusiasm of a group of lovers of specialty coffee, with the desire to enjoy unique sensory experiences.

Behind each Orígenes package there is passion, dedication and a lot of love. Sensations that we want to transmit in each selection of coffee that we have made especially for you.

Behind the best coffees

There is a story about Origenes


We are Micro-Roasters

We roast coffee in an artisanal way and sell it directly to our customers, both consumers and specialized coffee shops.

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Specialty selection

Our selection of coffees meets the tasting processes and requirements of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), which rates them in the cup with +80/100 points. Only coffees that meet these requirements are considered specialty coffees.


The crop

Our coffees are grown by specialized coffee growers in some of the best farms around the world: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia or Costa Rica. They are coffees grown with special care and a passion for quality in every way.

Hand picking

The harvest

The coffee cherries are selected and harvested manually, guaranteeing an optimal state of maturity. They are subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure the excellence of the coffee.



Along with variety, cultivation and collection, our roasting formula is what makes each coffee truly unique. Our roasting is 100% natural and always on demand.

maximum freshness


No stock. Our coffees are packaged freshly roasted to reach you in 24-48 hours, thus guaranteeing maximum freshness.

The elaboration

In cup

When a specialty coffee is well-grown, well-roasted, fresh, and freshly ground, the possibilities for flavor, aroma, and nuance can be astounding.

Drinking coffee becomes an explosion of sensations and experiences. And that is Origins: a delight for the senses.